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Segredos Mysterios from C&A clothing stores, going #Goth glam with wolves, ravens and all manner of goodies.

Banned Apple iPod commercial featuring Reble, reble song by Marilyn Manson

Orange telecommunications Rockcore cleanup crew commercial featuring some environmentally minded #Goths on the beach

Direct TV Silent Night wholly Night commercial. Very funny with all the basic monsters from #Dracula to Freddy, Darth Vader, Chucky and all!

Green vampires? Apparently Consolidated Credit thinks this is just the kind of sucker it needs to get people to buy0into their service

Delissio Garlic in the crust pizza with the #Goth boyfriend flying away like a #Vampire

Coke "get down tonight" bowling commercial as aired in NZ. Hilarious

XO telecommunications, 24 hour service #Goth ad with Baltazard... funny

#Vampire rights amendment commercial. Cute.

Sprint's unlimited my way Zombie commercial. Can't get any more monster than that!

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