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Uns dos meu livros favoritos

I enjoyed this one. I didn't love it as much as I loved my favorite Nicholas Sparks book ("Safe Haven"), but it was good. It's about a powerful first love, a reunion, nostalgia/memories, and who people go on to be. I didn't like that I was able to figure out the ending with about 60 pages to go but I'd recommend "The Best of Me" nonetheless.

Anna Karenina~ looks like I'll finish the book at about the same time the new movie is released.

Confesso: sou fã dos livros, da história em si. Os filmes,nem tanto. A adaptação da história não foi muito boa e o elenco deixa muito a desejar.

Good book. If you pay attention you'll notice that one of the main characters is actually the sister of Dex from 'Something Borrowed'

I think I'm going to let you buy me…a book.

Started reading this during reading time for my class, and ended up almost crying in front of a room full of 12-year-olds!

Of Mice and Men: (Centennial Edition)