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Explora São Paulo S, Braganca Paulista e outros!

Worst drought on record dries up São Paulo's main water reserves – in pictures

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Grand promises of Paris climate deal undermined by squalid retrenchments

Until governments undertake to keep fossil fuels in the ground, they will continue to undermine the agreement they have just made

Global warming is now slowing down the circulation of the oceans — with potentially dire consequences

Global warming is now slowing down the circulation of the oceans — with potentially dire consequences - The Washington Post

What’s really at stake at the Paris climate conference now marches are banned

By banning protest at COP21, Hollande is silencing those facing the worst impacts of climate change and its monstrous violence

95% consensus of expert economists: cut carbon pollution

Dana Nuccitelli: A survey of economists with climate expertise finds a consensus that climate change is expensive and carbon pollution cuts are needed

Paris climate talks: The poorest countries are putting the richest to shame

Kumi Naidoo: Countries like the Philippines, Kiribati and Morocco are showing true leadership and leaving major polluters behind

Falling Short on Climate in Paris - Bill McKibben for The New York Times

Green spaces have lasting positive effect on well-being

Living in an urban area with green spaces has a long-lasting positive impact on people's mental well-being, a study has suggested.

85% of British power can be via renewables by 2030, says Greenpeace

“It is hugely ambitious but definitely doable, and it will take the same kind of enthusiasm and financial support from government, normally the sole preserve of the nuclear and fossil fuel industries.”

World's biggest offshore windfarm approved for Yorkshire coast

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