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Ian Somerhalder - 27/09/13 - 6 DAYS! #tvd http://instagram.com/p/eyhTwIqJ5P/ - Twitter & Instagram Pictures http://instagram.com/iansomerhalder/#

Ian Somerhalder - 08/10/14 - A day with 3 of the most beautiful ladies in the universe... Wow smiling is such a beautiful part of the human experience-I highly recommend it. Congrats to our little Neitczhe here-1 year ago today, to the minute, you brought 5 beautiful puppies into this world-thank you for your amazing contribution to all of our lives. However, welcome to the wonderful world of being spayed-The world does not need any more puppies, we kill…

Connect4Climate on

Ian Somerhalder - 27/09/15 - #UNEPChampions kicks off with iansomerhalder @NikkiReed_I_Am #GlobalGoals #climateaction #solutions4climate https://twitter.com/Connect4Climate/status/648280342973968384 - Twitter / Instagram Pictures

Ian Somerhalder - BloodyCon Germany in Neuss, Germany (08/06/2013) - Love these duders. iansomerhalder @questionanders http://instagram.com/p/aTW6rYHaRx/# - Twitter & Instagram Pictures

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Ian Somerhalder - 19/09/15 - Just a few days to go! #Vote @IS_Foundation #UpgradeYourWorldUSA https://twitter.com/IS_Foundation/status/645416607687278596 - Twitter / Instagram Pictures

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Ian Somerhalder - 27/09/15 - #2030Now iansomerhalder asks @PaulPolman & @ASteiner how do we tackle #ClimateChange #SDG17 Champions for the Earth https://twitter.com/Connect4Climate/status/648192510360178688 - Twitter / Instagram Pictures

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Ian Somerhalder - 09/07/15 - Celebrating wildlife volunteers: See more FB photos @DawnDish event iansomerhalder : https://www.facebook.com/intlbirdrescue https://twitter.com/IntBirdRescue/status/619568931007672320 - Twitter / Instagram Pictures

Ian Somerhalder - 13/07/16 - #TheVampireDiaries star iansomerhalder is getting ready for #WBSDCC! cwtvd #SDCC #TVD https://twitter.com/warnerbrostv/status/753341862690160641 - Twitter / Instagram Pictures

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Ian Somerhalder - 14/01/16 - With @julieplec iansomerhalder @checktheg8 here we are with director Ian! https://twitter.com/verschoo/status/687681835380391936 - Twitter / Instagram Pictures

Ian Somerhalder - BloodyCon Germany in Neuss, Germany (09/06/2013)

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