Explora Transforma Água, Fornecer Água e outros!

O projeto revolucionário, promete extinguir preocupações com água potável, que é uma das grandes preocupações do século XXI. O projeto é basicamente, uma usina

A Year Ago, Scientists Cracked One Of Einstein's Greatest Mysteries — Now A Bizarre New Form Of Astronomy Is Emerging

The nation is on the verge of the solar revolution

Sizing a solar system and wiring your battery bank

Build Your Own Solar Panels and Wind Turbines with the Easiest DIY Guide

14 Off-Grid Projects To Reduce Your Energy & Water Usage | http://homestead-and-survival.com/14-off-grid-projects-to-reduce-your-energy-water-usage/ | Choose one or more and get yourself off the grid!

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This is my absolute FAVORITE: solar thermal panels on your roof can heat your house, your water, and generate no-transmission-loss electricity . . . even on a cloudy day! This technology is a game changer!

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