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"Not until I finish this translation" - Arthur and Guinevere #OnceUponATime

sarah-evilregal: This comparison is just heart breaking… 1x8 and 5x1 episodes

Leroy and Mary Margaret - 5 * 1 "Dark Swan"

Awesome Lana Sean Robert (Regina Robin Mr Gold/Rumple) #Once #BTS the awesome Once S5 E12 #SoulsoftheDeparted #StevestonVillage #Richmond #Vancouver BC Wednesday 11-4-15 airs 3-2016

Leroy and Happy - 5 * 3 "Siege Perilous"

David, Mary Margaret, Regina and Robin - 5 * 4 "Broken Kingdom" #Snowing #OutlawQueen

Arthur and the Boy - 5 * 4 "Broken Kingdom"