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Pinguins madagascar anime version? Ok,Thankyou japan. 素晴らしいです!

Ok, so there are Wednesday's that I specifically put on my Wonder Woman scrubs because I feel so badass by 7:30am, and there are others that go more like today- snoozed first alarm😴, woke up with my 2nd early alarm⏰, sat in my robe wrapped in a blanket with my cup of coffee☕️ staring into space🙄 (maybe we can pull off I was practicing being "mindful" and "present") but for the most part I was fighting not falling asleep where I sat, just staring at the wall and clock. I did notice how…

This is a pretty good likeness of mordicai and rigby as humans.

de Cinnamon-Spice & Everything Nice

Red Lobster's Coconut Shrimp with Pina Colada Sauce

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ABC Primetime designed an experiment to test how different customers react to a store denying service to a Muslim.

Harley Quinn by on @DeviantArt

Did anyone else think that this line from the governor was out of place and awkwardly funny?? Just me? Ok...

Ok, sounds really weird - but they are SO good. And pretty healthy, if you use non-fat cottage cheese. Both kids and picky, meat-loving husband all loved!

Can you stop making these so perfect?!?!?!