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Effects of Different Cooking Methods on Nutritional and Physicochemical Characteristics of Selected Vegetables

How to Treat an Impacted Colon

An impacted colon, or fecal impaction, can mean the intestine is obstructed by tumor, nerve damage or just constipation. Chronic inability to pass stool may mean a serious underlying problem. Repeated bouts of impacted colon may indicate poor fluid intake. It may mean dietary and lifestyle changes are needed. Chronically ill individuals may be more...

Allegany Nutrition Gluten Free Digestive Enzymes - 90 Count by Allegany Nutrition Gluten Free Digestive Enzymes. $33.95. High Potency Enzyme Supplement. 100% Vegetarian Capsules. Plant-Derived. Made in USA. Formulated by enzyme specialists. The AL Series is fully capable of assisting in the digestion of proteins, fats, sugars, fibers, and carbs. The AL Series contains Peptidase, Beta Glucanase and Glucoamylase instead of Bromelain or Malt Diastase. The AL Serie...

Replacing saturated fats with vegetable oils increases mortality risk from all causes, including coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease

Vinpocetine - Experiments with vinpocetine indicate that it can dilate blood vessels, enhance circulation in the brain, improve oxygen utilization, make red blood cells more pliable, and inhibit aggregation of platelets (Kiss 1996). Vinpocetine may even have antioxidant properties (Orvisky 1997). Mostly used for dementia and strokes, but I see evidence that it could help with brain fog in CFS/Fibro too.

The next sporty super fruit?

How Should You Balance Your Fat Intake

How Should You Balance Your Fat Intake?

Responding to high crop prices and unlimited insurance, growers plowed under more than 23 million acres of grassland, shrub land and wetlands in order to plant commodity crops between 2008 and 2011, a new report by Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Defenders of Wildlife shows. “A generation of conservation gains has been wiped out because costly, misguided government policies have caused tens of millions of acres of fragile land and wildlife habitat to be plowed under.”

The most powerful natural "cortisone" for inflammation and joint pain