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Life had broken her; just as it had broken him. But when they got together, their pieces became whole. And they continued on their journey, together, mended as one. - Steve Maraboli

This selection actually has 2 separate titles. I chose to include both, because as humans we usually only choose to believe one of them. The first several verses are: God's Good News, And the last several are: God's Anger at Sin. This is a PORTION of Paul's letter to the Romans, about his upcoming visit. (More of that, as we get into the selected verses..) Remember, Paul used to be known as Saul. As Saul, he was HEAD Persecutor for the Jewish church. So PAUL understood/knew/felt both the…

Art With Ballpoint Pens The humble ballpoint has been used since the 1950s, but it wasn’t until recently that it gained its stripes in the high art world. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York launched an exhibition dedicated to ink art, and across the city, at the Mary Boone Gallery, renowned ballpoint artist Peter Saul was also displayed. Expect more exhibitions to follow sui

Wow~ Photographer Saul Santos Diaz

WOW! Women On Writing Issue 53: Blogging and Social Media for Writers

WOW! It looks good in blue

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tells the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) forum that America must fight against radical Islamic terrorism. WOW TRUTH>

Brian Cranston looks amazing in this photo. Wow!

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