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Surgiu Judas, um dos doze apóstolos, com Ele chegou uma multidão armada de espadas e cassetetes. 🙏🏻 Deus é Pop. #ladygaga

Rainism made me want to get that cane from Jungkook's hands and cane him with it. A rude young man he is

Vmiiiiinissiiii! I already said this like a hundred times but I literally love her posts!!! -@BeautyandthePoet

This kills me because they're both amazing kids and I love both BTS and GOT7, AND I'M SO PROUD OF KOOKIE AND HAPPY FOR GYUM I DIE. Can thy please appear of Flower Bromance. TTOTT I love this friendship.

Jimin, Blood Sweat & Tears

Thats it honey! Lead the team and break peoples low expectations on you!

Boyz II Men. I'm a bigger fan of their earlier music, but I really feel like they are the blueprint of "Boy Bands." Their crazy harmonies and soulful voices continue to inspire me to this day.

look at that precious smiling yoongi, may he smile like that everyday