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Repost from @meow_york_kitties Oh my goodness! Look what we got! Thank you SO much @tinaf78 for the awesome gifts! Who doesn't like pop tarts!? #Claimed #GiveBack #KindnessWins and thank you George and Wheezy for introducing us to@madebyfidothecat! ***** Happy to see Neyland and Knox are enjoying their Chocolate Brownie and Classic Vanilla Toaster Tart treats. Thanks to Neyland and Knox’s mom for sharing the picture. || Handmade by Fido the Cat

They are new friends of Fido the Cat from Etsy. They are going nuts over their new catnip toaster tarts. | Handmade by Fido the Cat

Repost from @vino_the_persian “Don't touch my tart! Look at what Albie and Ghetti @albieluckdragon me, along with some other goodies! I'm blessed with such great buddies.” *** Please meet Vino, male silver shaded Persian and a new friend of Fido the Cat. The video shows Vino having enjoying with his Strawberry Shake Toaster Tart with Sprinkles. I gift from Albie and Ghetti @albieluckdragon. Thank you @vino_the_persian for sharing the video. –Fido the Cat

Repost from @moofabulousss “Toaster pastry tiny tongue Tuesday!!!” *** Please raise your paws to Moo a new Friend of Fido the Cat. Moo holding the Chocolate Brownie Toaster Tart with Sprinkles close. –Fido the Cat

Repost from @chloe.and.cleo.cats "Our cute as buttons pals @ruxpin_n_blanche wanted us to #showusdemlegs so here is Chloe all gangly legged loving on her pop tart toy from @madebyfidothecat." *** Chloe, glad you are enjoying the Strawberry Shake Frosted Toaster Tart with Sprinkles. -Fido the Cat

Raise your paw to my friend from Etsy, Captain from Arlington, VA enjoying his Classic Vanilla Toaster Tart. Captain’s mom shared “Captain is around 5 years old, we just adopted him from a local rescue place about a month ago! He's a very lovely cat :)” Thank you, Captain’s mom @mizburk for sharing this lovely picture! –Fido the Cat

Repost from @albieluckdragon I was going to celebrate #whiskerwednesday but my whiskers always just blend into my floof! So instead I'll just show you my delicious and adorable pop-tarts by @madebyfidothecat . I love them! #stealthwhiskers #albieluckdragon *** With Albie are the Strawberry Shake and the Classic Vanilla toaster tarts. Thanks Albie’s mom for sharing this great picture! –Fido the Cat

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Classic Toaster Tarts with Sprinkles Organic Catnip Cat Toy

World Cat Day Friends from around the world!

Forest is from Robbinsville, NJ enjoying a Strawberry Shake Toaster Tart catnip cat toy.

Please say “Hi” to my new friends from Etsy… Helga is a Persian from Jacksonville, FL. Helga is about six years old and she was rescued this past June. She is enjoying her Strawberry Shake Toaster Tart with Sprinkles on Christmas morning. I was told Noir and Helga was excited when they opened their treats. The treats were a huge hit on Christmas morning. What a great way to start the New Year! Thanks to Noir and Helga’s mom for sharing these great pictures! | Handmade by Fido the Cat.