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Obsessed with Foals right now. Their new album "Holy Fire" is amazing. LOVE.

If you are willing to abandon your principles for convenience and social acceptability, they are not your principles, they are your costume.

Yohji Yamamoto | Spring 2015 Menswear Collection |

Malignant Narcissist/Sociopath/Psychopath abuse awareness begins with you! Once you understand what this EVIL is all about, you can become a light giver for those still in the darkness...whether that is for an individual, the media or the judicial system, we must stand together going forward. The PREDATORS must be stopped and made to pay for what they do. - Mary A. Faher/THE CEMENT BENCH

A flying monkey is anyone who comes to defend your narcissist/sociopath. So technically a flying monkey could be anyone..Here's how it works,your ex finds a new love & feeds them garbage about what really happened between the 2 of you. This new love hates you as a person without knowing not only do you have to deal with your ex but also the flying monkey..Flying monkeys can be others besides a love may be the narcs parents, attorney, your own child!!! ~Maleficent

I will always be the one who saw underneath your mask

The fantasy world of narcs can have a seductive allure. Their superficial charm is enchanting, they often appear to be complicated, colorful & exciting as they draw you in to their web. Being singled out for attention by a narc can be an intoxicating sensation, but that "loving" feeling can turn into something not loving at all. When you cease to be of use in pumping up the narcs fragile ego, you may feel that the air has suddenly been let out of your own ego too.

Foals- My favorite band. Seeing their show May 18 @ the Vic! Can Not Wait!

Pilcrow Designs' zombie .