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Portugal vs France euro16 * Portugal Campeão da Europa * european champ...

I thought we decided on Ranger Corps for are fandom name, but repinning anyways

...Doctor Who ? .. :)...



5 Books That Are Legit Nightmare Fuel

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Master's Apprentices - The Very Best of Master's Appretices

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Sandpaw- a shecat apprentice of Thunderclan. You can count on her to make a joke, have a laugh or do a prank. She is very energetic and daring. She is best friends with Wolfpaw who always knows how to have a good laugh. Sister to Dewpaw and daughter to (deceased mother) Brackenfur.

The Somali is another cat breed that takes a more active approach to getting attention. This breed lives to play games and try puzzles, and is eager to do it with anyone who is interested. Their high energy levels and love for bonding make Somalis ideal for agility training. While this breed loves attention, they do not like to share it with other pets. Somalis seem to thrive best when they are the only pet and are the furry spotlight of a home.

Best cat in the world!!!! My apprentice, Mr Bobcat Harris, he assists in taking pics, packaging your purchases and tries to be my supervisor! I offer fast ship, everything I sell is NWT RETAIL, NWT, or EUC. I pride myself in accurate descriptions of my items in my closet. If you need to contact me about a purchase, please notify me through email I will work with you until you are satisfied. I recently received a bad review, I would have liked to be given a chance…