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vômito público : Natal é para ficar triste

de Rchavakiah Melchiori

"chat noir"

“ I will softly pull away In this broken beautiful mess I’ve made And in the dead and quiet I will slowly fade In this masterpiece I made I’ll burn out and slip away And this just a part I portray You’re beautiful, can I hide in you and stay...

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If I Stay on

If I Stay #IfIStay oh-my-gosh !!!!!!! I cant wait till the movie comes out!!! The book was amazing (:

She went down to the river and just cried as the memories all of a suddem came to her,she was confused.she didn't know if she should let this boy into her life she was scared to love again


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He's grown up in a world where he was told what was "right" and what was "wrong". And now he's finding out that things aren't what he had thought they were, and he's in too deep. He's a bit of a coward in the end, but he isn't "bad" necessarily.

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18 Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone

Busting Travel Excuses – Extra Safety Tips for Solo Women

spring rains bring all sorts of surprises emerging from the garden...sweetness to ponder on this January day...

Tales From the Crypt (TV show). I watched this very late at night when reruns were on Fox. Fell in love with the Cryptkeeper cuz I'm weird. Watched this a couple years ago and wondered exactly why I couldn't predict every ending when I was 10.

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Essas 10 aldeias são reais, mas parecem saídas de contos de fadas – Nômades DigitaisNômades Digitais

Você com certeza já teve aqueles dias em que gostaria de se desligar do mundo real e pular direto para um conto de fadas, não é mesmo? Se você se identificou, vai ficar feliz em saber que isso é possível em alguns lugares do mundo! Separamos algumas vilas adoráveis ao redor do mundo que vão fazer o seu coração bater mais forte!


Les seules choses de ta vie

Notre petite voix a toujours raison et trouve ses évidences; mais elle réalise quelle intention ? Le "feeling", le sentiment naît de ce qu'on anticipe ou d'une parole qui altère instantanément ce qu'on anticipe. Le "feeling" n'est pas une boussole pour se diriger, mais un indice du future dans on lequel on vit présentement, même sans le savoir. Assez de psy pop; la terre n'est pas plate. Et rester fidèle à soi-même = à sa parole ! LcL