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Talk about that gum you like coming back in style: who would have ever thought Twin Peaks would get Pop! Vinyls AND actual action figures? Well thankfully, Funko pays attention, and it seems like the moment anyone gets press for making customs, Funko pursues the actual license. It happened with Stranger Things, and now with Twin Peaks, with the company even making the exact four that were customized, plus more—and you can see them in our gallery below! But 3-3/4 inch figures? That was mo...

"Shout out to all the people who have brown eyes and never received compliments on them,You have beautiful eyes."

I’ve felt the steady pulse of love that beats louder than the sound of my aching heart.

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From today's Daily Good News... https://www.goodnewsunlimited.com/resources/daily-devotionals/

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