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Perseu, filho de Zeus e Danae. Foi com ele que minha paixão por Mitologia começou...

Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase, a demi-god, the daughter of Athena. Athena is the Goddess of Philosophy, Wisdom & Battle Strategy. Athena is the daughter of Zeus. That makes Annabeth the grand-demi-god daughter of Zeus. Her performance in this role is remarkable. Alexandra has the potential of representing Wonder Woman due to her physique, vocal, looks and demi-god acting career in Percy Jackson franchise.

Rudolf Schadow's sculpture of Hede, the goddess of youth. She is the daughter of Zeus and Hera. Hebe was the cupbearer for the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus, serving their nectar and ambrosia, until she was married to Hercules.

The beauty of Ao Dai - Vietnamese traditional dress

Percy Jackson. I want those combat boots so much. They're so cute.

Please help to save Zeus. My daughter and son-in-law saved his life from being euthanized. He has a shattered right elbow. He needs surgery to be able to live a happy puppy life. He is only 3 months old so the faster they do this the faster he will heal. They rescued him from the kill list at a shelter. They wanted to amputate his leg. The surgeon said it can be saved but it is expensive. Please help me save my grand-puppy's leg! He's so sweet! Even a $1 donation would be appreciated…

Apollo, Iris, Marpessa and Idas. Marpessa was a grand-daughter of Ares, an Aetolian princess. Kidnapped by Idas but loved by Apollo as well. Zeus made her choose between them. According to another myth the daughter of the river god Euenus and Alcippe. Her husband Idas kidnapped her with a winged chariot, as a challenge to her father, who after chasing the couple for a long time, killed his horses and then drowned himself in a nearby river, which took his name.

Illustrating Robert Adam’s intention to “parade the conveniences and the social pleasures of life”, every aspect of the State Dining Room with its ornate Corinthian columns and marble statues of Ceres and Bacchus representing food and drink, offers the experience and enjoyment of entertaining on a grand scale. Above the imposing fireplace designed by Joseph Rose, is a marble panel by Luc-Francois Breton of the Three Graces, the daughters of Zeus. The fine clock in the corner of the room was…