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'Til the Cows Come Home - 24 Phrases Only Southerners Use

'Til the Cows Come Home - 24 Phrases Only Southerners Use - Southernliving. Settle in, because whatever we’re talking about is going to take all day. Cows aren’t known for their speed, and they are usually out and about, wandering until feeding time. Farmers know that if you do something ‘til the cows come home, it’s going to take all day.

@master3languages:What’s the day today?[day] + 이에요 (ieyo)Monday = 월요일 (woryoil)Tuesday = 화요일 (hwayoil)Wednesday = 수요일 (suyoil)Thursday = 목요일 (mogyoil)Friday = 금요일 (geumyoil)Saturday = 토요일 (toyoil)Sunday = 일요일 (iryoil)P.S. Check out these useful resources!Click here to learn Korean phrases! Are we not friends on Facebook yet? Click here for more updates! Follow Master3Languages on Twitter too! We’re finally on Instagram. Check it out!

How to Say I Love You in French. French Love Phrases. Loving Nicknames to Call Your Partner in French. - learn French,vocabulary,communication,french

#French expression of the day: je te vois mal parti - I see you heading for trouble Tag someone who's always heading straight for trouble. :D Listen to the pronunciation via downloadable audio in the weekly newsletter (link in the page bio)

Start the classroom day off on the right foot. Helpful morning meeting tips for teachers.

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Six Kindness Acts for Toddlers

By sowing the seed of kindness at a young age, we can teach our toddlers to be compassionate human beings. Here are six simple ways toddlers can do acts of kindness.

One meaning is: (to waste time, money etc.) To spend time in a wasteful, trifling or ineffective way; dawdle. (He wasted the day piddling around.) OR It was a piddley amount, meaning it sure wasn't much.