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Ain't no handouts. Ain't shit free. Freedom ain't free. Everything you say has a cost. You can't afford to waste time. Work niggas. Go the fuck to work. Shutup bitchin. Shutup complaining. Shut all that dumb shit up. U feel some kind of way? #work. You mad? #work you scared? #work the cure for everything. #Work. #OTG #OverTimeGrind #DigitalKingpins #OutWorkWho

#OTGrepost from @itsmissmimibaby - No work next week! Just me my selfie stick both cell phones my tablet my Surface blue water sand and sun!!! I'm making tweet videos on the beach all week! Download that @djinfamousone App! Get #WomanCrushWednesday #VolumeOne and tell me which songs!!! #digitalkingpins #djinfamousone #twerk #twerksomething #twerkvideos #Mixtape #mixtapemodels #models #overtimegrind #otg #ass #curves #cakes #Regrann

overtimegrind: Ariana Grande #Grammys #Redcarpet #Dope or #Nope

The muthafxckin truth. I've slept on the floor. Slept on jail cell floors. Job corps floors. Holding tank floors. Fighting for mats. Trailor park floors. Homeless shelter floors. 2000 to now. That's why I sit at the top #OverTimeGrind #DigitalKingpins #CEO pay the cost to wear the

People don't know the shit you go through in the background. I had to fight and wait 2 years. I designed my logo and Organo Gold on the left a major major major coffee company fought me for it. But #Allah is the greatest of all planners because in that fight I won the rights to the words #OverTimeGrind and #OTG plus the logo. It taught a nigga business. That's what helped me get from some dudes who had parked it and was holding it. That fight got me Over Time Grind…

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That's why I cleared the @overtimegrind page that's why it's private now. I been in this game for years. I been in the streets even longer I've seen dudes tell on dudes not to do 30 days in jail. What u think one of these rap niggas will do if they have knowledge of the inner workings of your biz? Or if u say some fly shit for your people and their label or management press them about ur affiliation? They gonna do whatever for the paper. So I stay out the way. I'm building tho.