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Ain't no handouts. Ain't shit free. Freedom ain't free. Everything you say has a cost. You can't afford to waste time. Work niggas. Go the fuck to work. Shutup bitchin. Shutup complaining. Shut all that dumb shit up. U feel some kind of way? #work. You mad? #work you scared? #work the cure for everything. #Work. #OTG #OverTimeGrind #DigitalKingpins #OutWorkWho

I came from a Urbana Illinois. To Decatur GA to a Rantoul Illinois. To a Job Corp Dorm in Indiana. North Vernon Indiana. Back to Illinois to Philadelphia. It's more people working hard everyday who need recognition. These stars is cool but the Blue Collar working class people are better. WE make the world turn. And I don't ever want to forget that. #BlueCollar #OverTimeGrind #OTGisWE

And, of course, having a phone you didn't need to charge every 15 minutes:

@overtimegrind #OTG @DigitalKingpins #DKP King shit. #OTG over everything

Nobody believed in me. That's a real story. They believed in the music. But the music isn't why I do it. They believe in the promo the promo isn't why I do it. They didn't believe that I could do it with no schooling no help (lawyers and partners)... it's hard for people to conceive that you might wake up one day with a plan for your legacy your family your friends your life. #OverTimeGrind is my life's work. I'm dedicated to an extent I'm crazy. I'm so crazy I know we are going to be a…

Most small business doesn't make it 3 years. Most biz makes it 3 years don't make it to 5 years with no investors. I did it. Our structure is strong. Business account. EIN. trademarks. Patents. Apps. Publishing. Distribution. Advertising. Blogs. #NiggaWeMadeIt #OTG #OverTimeGrind

For real. But its #OverTimeGrind #OTG

We gotta lose to win. And winning is about how good you took the losses and stayed focus for the win. @OverTimeGrind #OTG

#blackout #OTG #OverTimeGrind

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