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Explora Crimeia Ucrânia, Syria Ukraine e outros!

Russian Forces Seize A Natural Gas Distribution Station Near Crimea | Conservative Byte

My Triumphs, My Mistakes By Dr. Gaius Baltar

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Stargate SG1 themed laptop/tablet decorative decal/applique

Stargate SG1 themed laptop/tablet decorative decal/applique.

The STAR REAPER - Canopus - Once a great ruler with my Father who betrayed his people by bringing human women to our Stars, SIRIUS and mated with them producing a mixed offspring. This half Star, half human race began to populate to take over our Star as well as destroying Earthlings. The elders blamed Canopus for this and banished him. He became the second brightest Star but his evil consumed him and he became a fleshless humanlike figure & couldn't resume his pure form. Oops I was…

Drones do more than kill. They're also used as surveillance as well as a number of other applications. Are drones "evil" as many say?


21 Star Trek Memes That Will Make You Shatner Yourself

Star Trek Meme 07 A Collection of 12 Star Trek Memes -

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Pay it Forward World Peace Prayer and Complimentary Photo of the Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama laughing