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Holiday Writing Prompts Part 1-December 2016-With an awkward chuckle, he pointed to the mistletoe above their heads.

Friends behind the veil

I always confront my friends if I'm hurt. I lose them because I don't play their games usually. I can't even tell you how many past friends I've had that resort to pettyness and backstabbing. Yes folks. The struggle is real. Be a good woman and lift other women up not down. Say nice things to each other and when offended, speak. Don't do drama. Be a good woman.

The Spirit of Kelsang Nampso

The Spirit of Kelsang Nampso

Judy Aldridge @atlantishome Thursday living r...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

These people were handing out bibles at my public school and I was at my locker when my best friend ran past hissing "IT BURNS" and threw it in my locker and the math teacher came out of the classroom to shake his hand


I do this sometimes because I feel like I look like a complete idiot if I do anything different

Galatians 6:9-10 ~ And doing good starts with Loving God and then Loving one another (Matthew 22:37-49)... caring, kindness... smile