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Cabelo Branco....quase lá!!!!

« Je soutiens qu'il ne peut y avoir aucune raison — hormis le désir égoïste de préserver les privilèges du groupe exploiteur — de refuser d'étendre le principe fondamental d'égalité de considération des intérêts aux membres des autres espèces. » Peter Singer "La Libération animale" (Male Gelada. Photo by Clay Wilton.)

"Its cold." He whispered through cracked lips. I looked around as a cold breeze blew my hair in my face. "Lemme try this again..." I said more to myself than anyone else. I snapped my fingers a few times and nothing happened. "Its not going to wor-" he started to say before I cut him off. "Shh, I almost got it" I snapped my fingers one last time and a flame arose in the palm of my hand. "Still cold?" I asked through grinning lips.

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Adorable floral w/lace-up detail This could almost be a 90s grunge type dress <3 <3

Resin cast of arteries in the brain. Your brain consumes about 20% of your body's energy so it needs a lot of blood flow to keep it supplied with nutrients. Even knowing that, the density of the neurons here amazes me--they look almost the size of the brain itself!

Hey guys! I'm going to give a shoutout to my 2,500th follower! I'm almost there.

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18 ways to tie a necktie! I had no idea there were so many methods #Murse #MensFashion #ForTheGuys

How to tie a necktie…

18 ways to tie a necktie! I had no idea there were so many methods #Murse #MensFashion #ForTheGuys