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Blue-green and blue = Analaogous Harmony with small accents of yellow (Hyacinth Macaw)

The beautifull Spix’s Macaws are the rarest parrot species in the world. An endangered species from the tropical rainforest Brazil.


These 27 Animals Are Total Mutants. Wait Until You See Them... It's Pretty Amazing.

‘Lutino’ Blue and Gold Macaw.. i want one of every color! :D <3

Red like her toe nails. I really want to find out what type of birds these are and where they come from, but no description was attatched to the pin. I ♥ these Amazing, vibrant birds...

Philomachus pugnax The Ruff is a medium-sized wading bird that breeds in marshes…

Mom always liked to see quail...sometimes we'd pass them on the road...around the valley or even out at the farm.