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Outback Steakhouse...endearingly called Ouchie Backie (portuguese pronunciation). It really hits the spot when you are feeling homesick. The hamburgers taste like home, and free refills!!!

Mandioquinhas! I will miss these when I return home someday. Mandioquinhas are a little like a potatoe, but sooo much better. I love them fried, mashed or roast with olive oil. They have a great flavor unlike anything I've had before and the edges get crisp and almost caramelized when roasted. I'm on a huge Mandioquinha kick right now!

Santiago's Pizzaria & Bar in Sao Jose Dos Campos. Great pizza and beautiful place overlooking the banhado. Live music on the weekends. Avenida Anchieta 313, Jardim Esplanade, Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil.

Santa Sofia Café in Sao Jose Dos Campos. A nice place for a snack, breakfast or lunch.

Feiras Livres - The Outdoor Market is common in Brazil. We have many around City. Day of week and location Friday: Vila Ema-Rua Major Vaz e Rua Santa Clara Bosque dos Eucaliptos -Rua Pedro Martins Ribeiro Jardim Aquarius-Praça Severo Gomes Saturday: Esplanada-Praça Sinésio Martins (organic market).

Campos do Jordão - Coordenates: Lat.:22° 44" Long.: 45° 30' W. Known as the Brazilian Switzerland for its climate, Campos do Jordao has become the most important climatic resort in Brazil. The knitting - known worldwide, their homemade chocolate, their sweets and jams, its mineral waters, captured through the highest standards of hygiene and technique, run the planet's purest sources. Now well known for its gourmet beer called Baden Baden.

Path of Campos do Jordao in the Milk Lane is a place for good coffee. Peace, tranquility and good food in a pleasant environment, surrounded by greenery and blue sky, where you can relax by the lake and enjoy an extensive and varied menu of delicacies prepared with all the quality. Not so far from São José dos Campos and good for a breakfast on the weekend. russoinglêscoreano Rod. Floriano Rodrigues Pinheiro (SP-123), km 10. Tremembé - SP (Estrada para Campos do Jordão)