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This Mysterious Secret Entrance Was Found 179 Years Ago. Below, It's An Even Bigger Mystery.

This Mysterious Secret Entrance Was Found 179 Years Ago. Below, It's An Even Bigger Mystery. | Diply

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The Mystery Stone Of Beverly, Kansas

The Beverly stone, Kansas

One of the worst things about scaling Mount Everest, besides the lack of oxygen & hellish conditions, are the dead bodies everywhere. Over 200 people have died in the attempt, and most are still there. The same conditions that make it so dangerous to survive the climb also help preserve the dead bodies. Recovering the dead would be a dangerous and expensive risk. Often the bodies are used as landmarks.

Visiting Carlsbad Caverns in 1966, 7 year old Celia Barton said something was 'grabbing at her' as she followed her parents while strolling down to the cavern’s Big Room. Annoyed that she kept activating her Instamatic's flash, her father finally confiscated the camera. Later, this picture was developed. Celia said she thought it wanted to play with her, but it smelled bad, 'like an old banana peel.’ "What you don't know can hurt you. 1860-1998."

ufo... these are clearly made of stone, but why do they resemble saucers?

TOP 10 Scariest Unexplained Trail Cam Photos From mysterious glowing angels, to real zombies, here are 10, of the scariest photos, caught by trail ...

UNEXPLAINED: Iceland's government protects reputed elf dwellings like this one.

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Los 10 objetos fuera del tiempo más extraños

El minitúnel de Noruega. Descubierto por Broyt y Ole Gunnar Krovel mientras realizaban una excavación en Noruega, cerca de un acantilado de piedra sólida. Cuando estaban a varios metros de profundidad se encontraron con un desconcertante agujero en forma de estrella de siete puntas y unos 6 cm de diámetros, además de muy suave y pulido. Extrañado Krovel retiro cuatro metros de roca para saber donde acababa,pero sorprendido observó que se adentraba en las montañas de los fiordos del Noroeste.