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Papel de Parede - Mona Lisa - Leonardo da Vinci

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Xale de pêlo de corte e costura fácil com desenho do molde

A proposta desta publicação tem como tema o molde de xale de pêlo. Com o aproximar do Inverno pensamos em agasalhos adequados para o combater.

Olá, está postagem é de imagens em png e wallpapers do novo desenho que está encantando todas as crianças. ...

"The program gets right to business—delivered via teleseminar presentations supported by video and PDF material" ~The Miami Herald "Why do healing, visualization and setting intention work only sometimes? Kwan Yin Healing explains why and what to do about it" ~The Boston GlobeI'm so excited this is finally here and doing so well! More about "11 Paths to Self-Healing" Home Study here:

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Before Walt Disney: 5 Animations by Early Cinema Pioneers

"In 1893, Muybridge used the phenakistoscope — an early animation device that harnessed the “persistence of vision” principle to create an illusion of motion — to extend his visual studies to animation."

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Color Mixing With Light

Color Mixing with Lights with a printable worksheet set! This is an easy STEM experiment that combines science and technology. Do you know the primary colors of light?

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Hadrian's Wall

Autumn at Hadrian’s Wall/Scottish Border (Outono na Muralha de Adriano/Fronteira da Escócia. Última fronteira do Império Romano.

Como deixar o feed do Instagram bonito: VSCO CAM filtros - De Batom Vermelho

"Read. It makes you intelligent. It's that simple. We all see the universe through the tiny keyhole of our own eyes and every book is another keyhole from which you can gaze."

When I was young I stood on the dock at Pedota's resort and watched the water at sunset. I LOVE water!