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#7 These bananas are green showing how they are not yet ready to eat. In a way, I am very much like these bananas because I am still young, innocent, and unexperienced. Unlike Marji, I have not had to face war or any turmoil in my country, therefore I am still unexperienced. I consider myself innocent because I have not been a victim of anything that would force me to mature faster.

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Receita de Suco de milho verde

Receita de Suco de milho verde - Comida e Receitas

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How Often Should You Apply Fish Emulsion to Vegetables?

How Often Should You Apply Fish Emulsion to Vegetables? ~ Know what to look for when it comes to nitrogen burn or other plant deficiencies. When plants are lacking in nitrogen, they may look pale yellow or stunted with poor growth. When plants receive too much nitrogen and are "burned," they may shrivel up or have a generally dry, crispy look. Phosphorous deficiency also results in stunted plants, which may be evident with purple or dark green color foliage. When plants have a potassium…

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I want to paint mine pale coral, pale yellow or pale turquoise