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Original Design Art Deco Bauhaus A3 A2 A1 Poster Print Vintage 1930's Cat Fashion Vogue 1940's Rudyard Kipling Quote City Cityscape

Art Deco Bauhaus A3 Poster Print Vintage 1930's Cat Fashion Vouge Style 1940's Rudyard Kipling Just So Stories City Cityscape. £7.00, via Etsy.

The Greek alphabet, the script of English today, is based on the Kemetic alphabet of Ancient Egypt/Kemet and the Upper Nile Valley of Ancient Africa. Ancient Egyptians called their words MDW NTR, or ‘Metu Neter,” which means divine speech. The Greeks called it, ‘hieroglyphics"- a Greek word. The etymology of hieroglyphics is sacred (hieros) carvings (glyph).

The Fabulous York Cat Trail is dotted with cat sculptures. Over the past two centuries felines have been placed on buildings in the historic city – some prowling, some running, others sitting proudly in the way that cats do, & some staring down on the hordes of visitors. Originally placed on buildings to scare away rats & mice which can spread disease, also thought to ward off evil spirits & bestow good luck & good health upon citizens. Today they just bring smiles to those who take the…

Toy Manchester Terrier. Just love these little guys!

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An Cat Dubh Throw Pillow

An Cat Dubh Throw Pillow. An Cat Dubh (irish) The Black Cat (english) This is a section of an acrylic-on-canvas painting called Master and Servant. You can watch the original from start to finish is a speed video on YouTube- #ancatdubh #blackcat #lechatnoir #cats #green #catoftheday

Selty Sturluson's Helmet Product