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Quem se deu bem no Stripe Up Your Life... A Monica M., da Colômbia. Ela levou pra casa prêmios incríveis, entre eles, um iPad mini.

As listras nunca saem de moda, né? rsrs Ganhador semanal do Stripe Up Your Life. Ele mostrou seu estilo laranja e branco e levou pra casa 1 Sport Hocker.

O mais VOTADO da SEMANA na promoção Stripe Up Your Life foi o Carlos Bino, de Diadema. Boa, Carlos! Levou o estojo cheio de STABILO

Our 50 must-see movies

Gone With the Wind (1939). 'To begin with I’d like to state that despite what a lot of papers said there was never any feud between Vivien Leigh and me during the filming of “Gone with the Wind” or at any time thereafter.' Clark Gable, Photoplay magazine, February 1940

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” ― Pablo Picasso

Crazy Socks lesson--pattern, line, etc.

Sock Penguin Tutorial

When I found an old pair of rainbow striped socks, I knew I wanted to make a sock animal. I asked Jax what he would like, and wasn’t surprised to hear him request a penguin. They are his favorite animal! I wasn’t sure how a rainbow striped penguin would turn out, but he’s really cute! This works up very quick and easy. It took me about 2 hours of hand sewing to finish.

Who Pulled the Plug on The White Stripes?

Then I knew it. All the work that it took to get through it. On the wings of a feather that flew it. Fell onto my shoe it cut up into me

Grey white Stripe Cut-out Knotted T-shirt Dress

It took me a while to get used to it.. The fit is kinda awkward but after a while it grows on you. Pretty thick fabric and it's pretty nice for a urban outfitters knock-off.

Fresh Cuts "My hair is my crown therefore I wear it with glory." - PlatonicBliss As part of my revamping of I, I shaved the back of my head. Give my life a little va-va-voom. It took A LOT of convincing myself that I wont look like a watermelon that went for shave, ha. Saturday morning, I took my head to the barber and got that number one buzz (or was it number two? one of those). Its a rather refreshing feeling I must say. I almost feel as cool as the girls here on Tumblr. Here is to new…