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18 Illustrations Show Every Little Things In Life Can Bring You Happiness!

Felicidade. Essa sensação plena de paz e contentamento é o desejo de 10 entre 10 pessoas. Quem não quer se sentir em um estado de plenitude, satisfação e equilíbrio físico e psíquico? E não é preciso coisas grandiosas para atingi-la. Você sa...

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What Happens To Our Brains When We Exercise And How It Makes Us Happier

This made me smile :)

Be yourself Accept yourself Value yourself Forgive yourself Bless yourself Express yourself Trust yourself Look after yourself LOVE YOURSELF ❤️❤️

I don't mind cooking for you Katie. I love you so much and want to do what make you happy. I will cook and you dust. :)

I Love Lucy. SPOON your way to Health with Vitamitavega... Vitamita... Vitaveja.. Vitamitavegamins! It's so tasty too!

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Photo (The Glitter Guide - Tumblr)

Do it with passion or not at all. I'm tired of passion being associated with relationships and love. Passion is about what makes you happy and what you always want to be doing.

This made me cry. I want to love someone this much. I wish someone loved me too. It's so sad that people object love. That's all it is. Why does it matter what gender? We are all human. Why can't you just be happy that two people love each other&make each other's lives happier. Why do you feel obligated to destroy something that does not involve you&especially something so beautiful?

Peridot: What's this clod technology? Steven: Just try them on Peridot! Please! Peridot: Fine. It probably isn't as good as anything back in homeworld bu- WAIT! These light up? How do they do this? How did you Earth clods figure out how to make these! I mean... I guess they're okay.