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If you've seen or read "The Help," then you know why this is hilarious.

Bill ✔️. Bill Gibson-Patmore. (curation & caption: @BillGP). Bill✔️

Putin: When you have 35 spies sent home…but have one moving into the White House next month.

Makes me wonder who goes to the Evangelical version of hell? I have a feeling that it is full of Resisters who stand against Trump.

His behavior is one of a spoilt brat taking his frustrations out on everything he can destroy just to gloat ― "See, I can f%#k up anything I like"... that's the trouble with adolescent brains, they have absolutely no comprehension of the consequences of their irresponsible behavior..。

Albright: Trump fits the mold of Russia's 'useful idiot'....

The disgustingness of 2016... at least confirmed that their christianity is bullshit

18 Amazing facts most people don't know.

Good-bye hope; hello grope. Introducing YOUR new president, not mine: trump - The Tiny-Handed Groper and The Little Putin Puppet.