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Norberto Mânica, acusado da chacina de Unaí, será julgado em BH, diz STF - Ele é acusado de mandar matar quatro servidores do Ministério do Trabalho. A defesa do réu queria que o julgamento fosse em Unaí, Noroeste de MG.

Nature-nurture debat Kaat Jooris (6HWe1)

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What is Your Personality Type?

There is an ongoing debate of Nature Vs Nurture. Nature is that which is genetic and Nurture refers to environmental influences. It is necessary for children to have the attachment with their caregivers and have experiences because it will help them as learners as well as help their development as they get older. This is going to benefit them in the long run because they will learn to make assumptions by themselves.

The eternal debate of nature vs. nurture. We now know that our brains aren't fixed, that they can change and grow and improve. Brain training helps grow new pathways.

Nature versus nurture Margot Van der Heyden -6HWE1

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Nature vs Nurture? Are we really born that way?


To understand the Nature vs Nurture debate - Manou De Sutter 6hw1

Nature, Nurture and Human Development |

erik erikson stages of development chart | Here is Erikson's theory, as it applies to humans, in a nutshell: