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Explora Pintarest Mao, Coordinate Shoes e outros!

#coat #necklace #coordinate #shoes #dress #cute #tokyo #tgc #iQON #pintarest #mao_pak #O_range o(^-^o)(o^-^)o (Tokyo Opera City Tower)

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Hand-Blown Glass Containers Mimicking Veins Add an Artistic Twist to Pouring Wine

Each of these blood vessel-shaped drinking decanters are designed to hold an entire bottle of wine.

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20 Gorgeous DIY Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas You Should Try at Home

Love the design for a DIY Barrel sink for rustic bathroom decor @istandarddesign

Speaking of.....OT: Toolkit of All Toolkits

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The Best Nail Colors for Brides

The Best Nail Colors for Brides Ranging From Nude to Red: we’ve rounded up some of the dreamiest shades—from nude and lavender all the way to candy apple red—to make picking a color a lot easier. Just start testing shades well enough in advance so you can see what works best for your skin tone, try to get a manicure one to two days out, and bring a kit of cuticle oil, hand cream, and an extra bottle of polish with you. |


Oreo Stacking Contest for Mean, Median, Mode Lesson!

Students stack Oreos to make a tower. They collect data on how tall their towers can get and then use that data to practice data management, like mean, median, mode, and range. We also made it into a line graph!

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French expressions

prendre quelqu'un la main dans le sac - to catch someone red-handed. For more French expressions you can learn daily, get a copy of 365 Days of French Expressions. Covers a wide range of expressions and colloquial phrases: with meaning, their literal translation, and examples. With FREE AUDIO for pronunciation and listening practice!

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Beanbag Toss

Beanbag Toss everyone loves this. Good for seated or standing play.


Fine Motor Skills Needed at School and Classroom Activities to Help

Atividade Infantil,Habilidades Motoras Finas,Escola,Caligrafia,Finger Aerobics,Motor Skills Activities,Hand Motor Skills,Prek Sorting Activities,Exercise Activities For Preschool

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shoot a gun at a range [08/28/16 - at BASICS, learned to shoot, then shot 12 types!]