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O Amor e o Tempo - Pr Juanribe Pagliarin

Have you ever opened the camera on your phone and it's on selfie mode? No matter how good of a day you are having that moment can ruin your confidence. Instantly you start asking questions like "Is this what I look like? Is this what people see when they look at my face? Why would anyone ever spend any amount of time talking to me?" That surprise low angle triple chin low res camera image of yourself is never a boost of confidence. It's on those days that I am thankful the Bible says…

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A pair of woven palazzo pants featuring an allover striped pattern and a concealed back zipper.

For most of us, contentment is an elusive quality. We want to be contented people, living contented lives. But, so few people are truly pleased and satisfied with their lives. So, how can we increase our contentment? This article offers 5 Bible verses and 5 prayers for more contentment in our lives. Why not drop by to check it out?

Dear God, You are Amazing and I Love You.

God, Not Culture, is the "Leading Authority" on What Damages Our Souls. This 1-minute devotion encourages us to stand lovingly firm on God's truths.

Receitas de torta salgada de dar água na boca e que você gasta pouco tempo para fazer! Vem dar uma espiadinha e aprender a fazer!

The Gospel is the only story where the hero dies for the villain. [Daystar.com]

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