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Ex-médico Roger Abdelmassih é preso no Paraguai, diz PF . Prisão foi efetuada em Assunção pelo governo paraguaio com apoio da PF. Condenado a 278 anos de prisão, Abdelmassih era procurado desde 2011.

I think people don't know what she can do. That guy who was supposed to obliviate Jacob - she mentioned his affair and he had no idea how she knew that. Plus, in my mind, she's much more of a dreamer - not meant to be stuck behind a desk; and I think that being able to read the thoughts of criminals would make it harder for her to arrest them, or retaliate if they attack her or run, because she would know and understand their motives, and a criminal's motives aren't always bad (I'm not…

Hey brother, do you still believe in one another? Oh, if the sky comes falling down for you, There’s nothing in this world I wouldn't do.

Musical theatre is definitely useful. Thanks, Jean Valjean.

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The Republican Party has become a parasite, a fungus, a cancerous growth sucking away the equality and justice and security of America. They have become a danger to us all and they must be removed as soon as possible before they do irreparable harm not just to the country but to the world. ARREST THEM!!!! CHARGE THEM!!!! NOW!!!!

Eric Garner | Police Brutality | I Can't Breathe

A while ago I took this photo of a young man reading in a cafe. I found captivating the way he was immersed in reading, apparently forgetting about the world around. Months later I was still curious to know what book it was. I was delighted when he...

Africa | Portrait of a Bodi man, Ethiopia. | © Ingetje Tadros

Rajasthan, India - why is it that we don't see beauty in the grace of years? To me, this portrait reflects the natural beauty of a woman who was walked many, many nights...