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de Sweet Southern Blue

Companion Planting Guide

Companion planting chart

de Ilona's Garden

Companion Planting CheatSheet

Companion Planting CheatSheet. Love these tips, not just the plant but why.

Companion Planting the Old Fashioned Way with a Three Sisters Garden

Pretty, but would use a lot of ink to print. Make a desktop instead? (Seasonal Vegetable Planting Guide - Printable)

de Old Farmer's Almanac

Companion Planting: The Three Sisters

Here is a list of tips for growing the three sisters companion plants. The Old Farmer's Almanac describes how the three sister plants protect and support each other.

de Pulling Curls

Arizona Planting Guide

Arizona Planting Guide - Pulling Curls

Zone 9 Planting Schedule - MINE! Southern California. I like how it shows when to plant and when to expect to harvest. Also, I like the summer break, since I have stuff growing this summer, and it's impossible to keep it green!

de Get Busy Gardening

How to Prepare a New Garden Bed for Planting

If you want to prepare a new garden bed for planting, it involves, weeding, composting and tilling the soil and then mulching it to create rich soil.

de Survival Life

Vertical and Container Gardening: Charts and Images

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