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Eremita , Monge, Bahitawi , ETIÓPIA

Egyptian Bronze Statuette of God Ptah Culture : Egyptian Period : Late Period (ca. 6th-4th century B.C.) Material : Bronze

Cantigas_de_Santa_Maria-frontis 1280-The Hermit who was Captured by the Moors

Bahitawi - Monge - Eremita - ETIÓPIA

Dennis Stock SICILY,Moorish domes and windows of the Church of St John the Hermit,Palermo.

Egyptian Stone bust of a Goddess (Maat?) Culture : Egyptian Period : New Kingdom, XIX Dynasty, circa 1280 B.C. Material : Black serpentine

Egyptian Stone Monumental Bust of Royal Statue Sesostris #aboutaam #ancient #art

An Egyptian Bronze Head of a Cat, 21st/26th Dynasty, 1075-525 B.C.

Egyptian Bronze Headdress of Osiris 17479 Culture : Egyptian Period : Late Period, 664-332 B.C. Material : Bronze, faience paste