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MARCELO SGUASSABIA - Dava aflição e pena só de passar o olho no sempre esticado ser humano, mole ali no sofá mais mole ainda, feito boi na engorda – com a diferença que o quadrúpede, ao contrário dele, costuma passar a maior parte do tempo de pé. #escritores #páginacultural #cultura

LIMA VAGA: Peanuts: La Película se estrena el 7 de enero

LIMA VAGA: Meghan Trainor es parte de la banda sonora de Pean...

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Thank you!!! While it's definitely better for a woman to dress modestly, they should never be blamed for something simply because a man couldn't take being told no...

Christmas Around the World ** Germany ** Map, Recipe & Reading Tasks

Christmas in Germany - Activities and Printables

LOVE Christy's recipes! They're simple and homey. She's a busy mom cooking for a family. I could spend HOURS (and have) looking at her recipes!

George Washington Carver ... this amazing man invented 500 uses for the peanut, lectured in botany at the Tuskegee institute, and was an outstanding artist & botanist, and a Christian gentleman.

Welcome to and no, there’s NO reference to “pot” the feel-good bush. This is all about food and the culinary culture of the Caribbean. You’ll notice that there’s more focus on the cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago and that’s simply because that’s my roots. However I do share dishes from all the beautiful islands which make up the Caribbean from time to time.

A-z Origami

Peace Cranes made from recycled pages of a London A-Z circle and protect two Butterflies. In Japanese wedding culture ‘Mecho’ and ‘Ocho’ are...