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Love Lessons from Disney Princesses

O amor é brincalhão.

Times When Rapunzel Was Simply Perfect

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Young Eugene, while reading the tales of Flynnagan Ryder!

Aurora & Maleficent - The Sleeping Beauty // Aurora & Malévola - A Bela Adormecida. // Very Cool looking.

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Quiz: Which Disney Character are You? Part 1

This is it. The big one. It’s time to find out which Disney character you are. Olaf

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Daydream [da-drem] n. - A wishful creation of the imagination. A reflection of your dreams.

11 Times Rapunzel Made You Wish You Were Rapunzel

We simply can’t get over how amazing Rapunzel is. We could call out a million different times when Rapunzel was simply perfect, but for now we’re obsessing over all the moments that made us want to be this long-haired princess.

Sapato e metade do vestido da Rapunzel