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This classic tale of friendship tracks a small gray mouse's search for the perfect pal. He searches the animal kingdom for companionship and asks the various animals the same question: "Do you want to be my friend?" Not until he finds an unexpected respondent does the mouse find true friendship. #ELL #Free #TeacherResource

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The Eyes of the Mantis Shrimp are Awesome

Mantis Shrimp . Probably the best eyesight in the entire animal kingdom. Each of the eyes has three visual centers, making them the only animal in the world to have trinocular vision...even if they close one eye. Interesting info at this site.

El mundo de los animales (Animal World) Book, Spanish, Grades K–2. Introduces different species in the animal kingdom, their characteristics, and how they survive.

Here's an overview of what you will find in Dinoland USA in the Animal Kingdom.

♂ Masculine animals Horse from

"Amanda in Wonderland": Amanda Seyfried with Baby Animals by Alexei Hay for Elle US

Affection shown between mother and child, even in the animal kingdom..

Animal cruelty. Being cruel to animals tells what's in your heart