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Explora Lado Escuro, Sexually Assaulting e outros!

An off-duty Uber driver has been accused of sexually assaulting a passenger. When confronted about Uber's response to the incident, the CEO of Uber said that Uber was not responsible and would not take action against the driver. So, Uber does not really care for the wellbeing of its passengers.

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Uber's pricing scheme is based on demand. If there are a lot of people trying to get rides, Uber will begin charging Surge Pricing, in which uses get charged a multiple of what they would normally pay. This seems to make sense, but Uber seems to ignore ethics when it comes to pricing. For instance, Uber charged almost 7x their normal price on NYE, a night when many people were out drunk. Instead of charging less to encourage people not to drive, they took advantage of people and made them…

Uber has been accused of using peoples' location data in order to stalk certain people. In this case, someone at an Uber party took a picture in which Uber is using what they call Godview (showing where their users are located) as a party trick. With this much information on users' personal lives, it's scary to think what could be done if it ends up in the wrong hands.

Uber's Surge Pricing scheme is so morally devoid that they ended up charging more for people to leave a hostage scene in Sydney, Australia. Again, Uber showed that they value greed over ethical behavior.

The fear over Uber's use of peoples' location data even caused Senator Al Franken to take action. He wrote a letter to Uber demanding transparency regarding its use of data. Uber responded, however, saying that it will not disclose its information use, but says that it does use location data for tracking purposes.

Uber, the on-demand taxi service, has been rapidly growing in popularity over the last couple years. It has made peoples' lives easier, but its leadership has also caused lots of controversy. Here are some events that have put them under media fire.

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