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Niall McDiarmid

Changes made in my daily in prepare for moving it to my Hobonichi in 2017. Yes, I'm migrating my monthly planner and dailies to Hobonichi A6, there will be no more parallel time ladder as I foreseen because of the available space and my schedule. I will only plan my day in my mind and keep my time ladder for the actual activities I have done. It's very important for me to track my work time to calculate the time cost I used for each of my artwork. So, am I going to abandon bullet journal? NO…

Writing Prompts from Photos!

Photos used as 'writing prompts' to encourage creativity. (Free ebook to follow linky party!)

Helpful tips and tools for writing, inspiration, and motivation. All items posted are made by me or...

The Bizarre Collective Consciousness of Slime Mold

Beautiful. Dictyosteliida, a type of slime mold. They live as individuals until food runs out, then they form sporangia. They release a signal molecule into the environment that allows them to bunch together. They join into a tiny slug-like creature, which moves to an open place and develops into a fruiting body. Some of the amoebae become spores to begin the next generation, and some sacrifice themselves to become the dead stalk, thus lifting the spores up into the air for better…

- Tricky Prepositions -

Lisbon, Portugal - I love that this door is painted with blue and white like the tile they are famous for in Portugal.


Monserrate palace ,Sintra, Portugal

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