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[ New Website Launch!!! ] Drumroll please Our new web site is out! Go online right now and check out our latest designs colorful spaces and handcrafted process at Beautiful pictures closeups and live blog to let you in on what were up to! (Link in Bio) #VerdiDesign #WeavingIntoNature #InteriorDesign #Handmade #Natural #Metal #Fiber #Rugs #Colombia

[ San Andrés & Providencia ] In the last photo we showed you the most beautiful picture of the crystalline waters of San Andrés y Providencia. Carlos Vera Dieppa named this beautiful color of greens and blues "Providencia" inspired by the most beautiful Sea the sea of 7 colors. #VerdiDesign #WeavingIntoNature #Metal #Weaves #Rugs #Handcrafted #Colombia #InteriorDesign

[ Pre-Colombian M & Ms ] Loving the versatility of our Ms weave that can be designed in a variety of color and metal combinations. In this case mixing up our copper fibers with our natural and off-white tones we proudly evoke the talent of our Pre-Colombian ancestors who created the most beautiful visual arts including painting on textiles hides rock and cave surfaces. #VerdiDesign #WeavingIntoNature #Metal #Weaves #Copper #Rugs #Handmade #Colombia

[ Every Cloud has a Silver Lining ] Loving this combination of cloudy-grays and moon-lit metal in our emblematic rhombus weave a perfect alternative for those who love our Silver Fall rug. #VerdiDesign #WeavingIntoNature #Metal #Rug #Silver #Weave #InteriorDesign

[ Copper Fixation ] Loving this combination of our natural and off-white Kanaspi weave lit up with a hint of copper. The talented Colette Studio brings up the natural tones of the rug with these fantastic copper side tables. Craving floors furniture and homes in our Verdi copper tones. #VerdiDesign #WeavingIntoNature #Copper #NaturalFiber #Rug #Handmade #Colombia

[ More or Less Copper? ] The uniqueness of our materials and versatility of our handmade rugs is one of the major factors that distinguish Verdi Design. Theyre completely custom-made and you can choose between more or less percentages of metal and fiber. Our Kanaspi weave in Burgundy for instance is a classy and sober choice that will color spaces in neutral tones. This weave has a 20% metal percentage which will brighten up the place with a moderate and delicate glare. #VerdiDesign…

Bruin is het nieuwe zwart De aangekondigde achteruitgang van zwart zet door als reactie op de opkomst van IS die onze cultuur 'gekaapt' heeft, aldus Edelkoort. En bruin mag dan het nieuwe zwart worden, wit is de kleur die in alle paletten terugkomt, al is het soms slechts als accentkleur in bijvoorbeeld piping. Wit dus, en bruin in al zijn verschijningsvormen. Blauw blijft, en wordt ook 'vloekend' bij elkaar gebruikt. Er is veel groen en oranjerood; geel en roze worden vooral als…

[ Weaves from the Earth ] And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair Kahlil Gibran The Prophet. Step into our Fall weave in earthy tones interlaced with copper threads. Delighted to bring home the natural feel of the earth beneath us. Caqui & Copper: An amazing option for sober homes with grounded spirits. #VerdiDesign #WeavingIntoNature #Colombia #Weaves #Metal #Rug

[ Light Turquoise & Copper Blend ] Starting off the year with this bright combination of light turquoise and shimmering copper metal. Its amazing how this rug completely changes by day night or simply the angle were you view it from. Sometimes its turquoise sometimes its copper but its always a breathtaking piece of art! #VerdiDesign #WeavingIntoNature #Metal #Weaves #Copper #Rugs #Handmade #Colombia #InteriorDesign

[ Natural Weaves ] Our Natural Fall weave is one of our best sellers due to the combination of the natural color of the fiber interlaced with this bright and silver metal. This neutral yet sophisticated rug integrates perfectly with any space because even though its not made up of bright and vivid colors it definitely makes a statement with its simplicity and design. #VerdiDesign #WeavingIntoNature #Copper #Metal #Silver #Rug #Weave #InteriorDesign #Handmade #Colombia