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I choose to share the light the light is my life-line..but its not my whole life. theres so much more going on in peoples lives than the snippets they share online. I was reminded of this recently.. in a very big way. Today on my blog Im sharing my truthMaybe part of this truth is yours too? If yes hang on my friend.. hold tight to hope Trust Everything is going to be ok.. With love xo Kim #stillswithstories by kimklassen

Have you ever wished you could tag people in a post that have yet to comment. Maybe you wanna say YAY to everyone in a feature. by personalizing the congrats.. It takes work to type out each name.(and get it right). (often I just can't take the time). So I say something like congrats to my grid-mates. or congrats all!' I have a super quick tip over on my blog that eliminates the typing. When I first discovered it I wondered if everyone but me knew this But apparently not Ive had lots of…

Everything but the kitchen sink....for #thestudioonline Not sure where the day the week or the month for that matter...went? Oh my. Happy weekend friends. xx #kk_lrpresets #kk_inthestudio #fouriadorefriday #mystillsundaycompetition

I was listening to a Marianne Williamson workshop from @audible. . Her words. rang beautiful to me. . There is no order of difficulty in miracles. . As humans we try to figure out what might be fixable (or not).. we have faith for one miracle. but not another.. . But the truth is. a miracleis.. a miracle.. Anything is possible ....if we believe. . I love that. . . . . . . . . . #kk_inthestudio #kk_lrpresets #fouriadorefriday #mystillsundaycompetition #kk_stories

dear universe "I am totally open to some AWESOME coming my way. . #foundonpinterest inspo. Yes Please.and Thank You. . Happy Weekend friends. . #kk_inthestudio #kk_lrpresets #fouriadorefriday #mystilsundaycompetition #trusttheprocess . .

FF - Studio

by Kelly Ishmael

Friday Finds - A Vintage Spoon in the Mail

Friday Finds – A Vintage Spoon in the Mail

Texture Tuesday - Pieces of Me

Pieces of me by Kim Klassen