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abridor com biscuit

$25+$20. 10 x 7 x 5. bea-ev0/ebay. (A39) Vintage-painted-distressed-antique-musical works-jewelry-box-upcycled-dark-wood.

3 Open Layout Apartments That Use Clever Space-Saving Techniques

@themaxsandelin - Just got off the train in Stockholm after a surprisingly productive ~4 hours, got some well needed progress on the main project. Have been struggling to process excel files for the tools admin panel but finally figured out a solid solution. I mentioned this yesterday but I absolutely love building custom systems and solutions, so much fun to tackle new challenges and be able to reuse old solution and improve upon them. Also finally got the bank setup for the company with…

Our very own Maxwell Ryan worked with Mrs. Meyers to show off one of the most organized pantries out there. Whether you have an entire pantry or just a kitchen cabinet, these photos highlight three secret weapons that are a total must when it comes to keeping your ingredients — and other stuff — organized. Here's some food (storage) for thought.

Adobe approached us to create the opening titles for their annual creative conference, Make It, which took place at Carriageworks in Sydney on May 5, 2016. The titles were played to a full house with 1400 people in attendance.The main imagery for the ev…

This startup nearly tripled the VW E-Golf's battery capacity - Roadshow Volkswagen just announced a new E-Golf with a 50 percent improvement in all-electric range. But it doesnt hold a candle to Kreisel Electrics aftermarket upgrade which more than triples the original E-Golfs range. Kreisel Electric is a startup based in Austria. The company retrofits European electric vehicles with their own battery technology. This E-Golf started with the 2016 models 24.2-kWh battery producing about…


Ev Williams became a billionaire by helping to create the free and open web. Now, he’s betting against it.

The living room fireplace is set within a wall of weathered buckskin shield and has a contrasting surround of honed bluish-gray soapstone crowned by a mantel of sandstone | archdigest.com

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