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A caixa acústica com dock Philips DS1600 é um equipamento de áudio high tech, com diferentes recursos de conectividade. Ela reproduz e carrega o iPod/iPhone/iPad com o Philips DualDock pelos conectores Lightning e de 30 pinos. Custa R$549,00

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor SCD570, EUR 110

This is a fabulous and rare retro Orange vintage Tube Radio Philips 3 Band Plano, called Musette and Made in Holland in 1964...! This Orange housing radio with cream color buttons is a 3 band radio with two loudspeakers in his cabinet, one in each side. Made of plastic, this adorable piece, under Model B3X40U has been tested and is still in great working condition ! It works perfectly on all different bands and the sound is wonderful... ! This Radio is in mint condition with very few…

When you had to stay in one place to listen to music with headphones on!

This 1981 system, featuring components from Cerwin Vega, Hitachi, Philips, and Audio-Technica, cost $829 at the time. Only the staunchest of old-school stereo dorks remember it today, but from the late 1960s to the mid-1980s, Tech Hifi was one of the best-known retailers of audio equipment on the East Coast. The chain was founded by two MIT academics, mathematician Sandy Ruby and engineer John Strohbeen. According to the New York Times, Tech Hifi’s franchises were known for their…

Philips CD100 - first cd player by Philips from 1982

Philips 212 Turntable https://www.pinterest.com/0bvuc9ca1gm03at/

LaserDisc Player

One of the first CD players - Phillips CD100

Philips Tapedeck N4504 : recording, mixing, listening, etc., I used this deck with a lot of fun!

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