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Speed walking. Is that interesting? Maybe not. Speed walking with rods in your spine? Now THAT'S AWESOME! Way to go, Carrie! Work out is good for our life!!!!your quality of life is extremely important and you are also!!! Visit Get our Report HOW TO LIVE HEALTHY!

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Estou completamente fascinado com Estocolmo. É uma cidade bonita e limpa, com água por todos os lados, agradável e tranquila. Creio até que, não fora a escuridão e o rigor do inverno, Estocolmo seria uma das melhores cidades do mundo para viver. E tudo se resume a uma expressão banal: “qualidade de vida”. Alguns exemplos. Não há prédios demasiado grandes, nem poluição, nem caos no trânsito, nem buzinas a infernizar a vida dos transeuntes. Há centenas de pessoas a caminhar, a correr, a…

“People will always notice something about you. It might be the way you walk or the way you talk, or just simply your personality. Live each day in the way you want to be remembered. Live in such a way that people will be inspired by those unique qualities that you have and strive to live better lives for themselves.” ~ Amaka Imani Nkosazana~ #love #createyourhappiness #craft #planner #plannergirl #scrapbooking #create #artsandcrafts #cute #plannerlove #plannercommunity…

Being proud isn’t bragging about how great you are. It’s more like quietly knowing that you’re worth a lot. It’s not about thinking you’re perfect – because nobody is – but knowing that you’re worthy of being loved and accepted. Boost your self-esteem by recognizing your accomplishments and celebrating them. Acknowledge your positive qualities, and when you come across a quality in yourself that you aren’t proud of, don’t sulk in your sorrows, proactively work on correcting it.

“Please, please don't try hurting me, my friends. I wouldn't forgive myself If I had to kill you all.” ― Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

100 Women: What chance does a young girl have?

'Eternity in hell' for Ohio abductor - 2/8/13 crime news story about the Ohio kidnapper, who has been sentenced too 1,000 years in jail

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