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Love applies to's compassion patience and respect. Sound like good customer service and a great way to build relationships? Yep it is. Double tap if love is part of your business plan.

Double tap if living life fully is part of your business plan.

Success is a pattern of habits you intentionally create to build a bridge between where you are and where your dreams are. Like all successful and beautiful construction projects you don't do it alone. Get help from a coach with experience a mentor or clear-eyed support group. Start today on building new habits (31 days is what it takes to cement them) if you don't like your current results. Keep your mind abundant and you feet stepping forward. Double tap if the habits of success are part…

Love applies to is compassion respect patience and regard. Sound like good customer service and a healthy way to build relationships? Yep it is. Double tap if this is part of your business plan.

We get endless opportunities everyday to practice compassion for others: as a leader employer in customer service in working with clients. We also get to practice compassion with ourselves. Often we skip that. As entrepreneurs we push hard avoid feelings put ourselves last get priorities confused. Our self talk can be brutal in the name of achievement. Careful there darling. We cannot truly extend to others that which we cannot extend to ourselves. Double tap if compassion for yourself…

Take control of your health on all levels. Not taking time off until you're forced to by being sick hurt or run up against some kind of wall is a decidedly reactionary way to live. That's not how healthy leaders do it. entrepreneurs tend to run at full speed until they crash. Be more intentional. Be careful with the precious resource you are. You are leading - family friends co-workers - most loudly by your actions. Chill. Double tap if real days off are part of your business plan.

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If I cannot find the good in EVERY situation the fault lies within me. I may not be able to see and that's when I need to ask other leaders I trust for their perspective. Good leaders know their shortcomings so they can build a team that helps overcome them. There will always be things you can't see. Trust your intuition and build your team wisely. Double tap if a winning team is part of your business plan.

Oh how I despise cowardice. From politicians and terrorists. And how amazed I always am at the resilience love and compassion that comes after horrible events. Happy am I that we don't have to have a problem to see displays of the better side of human nature. Even more reason to lead your business to change the world in positive powerful ways. (Thanks for the image @martinholsinger) Double tap if you're working to leave a positive mark.