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Peer Critique Handouts and Tips for Visual Art Classes Feedback and Reflection

Coonley Art Studio: Reflecting on Our Work

What kind of formative assessments do you use in your classes? One simple, yet powerful type I love to use is the exit ticket. An exit ticket can be done in two or three minutes at the end of class. Students fill out a small form and leave it as they exit the classroom. Exit tickets provide …

The guys discuss a bizarre couple's night in Times Square. Frank invited Nick to his first alpha-male football party on Sunday but Nick felt more comfortable at the Lady-table. Today's horrible music brings up a live critique of the pop group Twenty-one Pilots. Finally, the guys reflect on how music is a big part of their lives, particularly Nick who tells some odd stories of pretending his was Axl Rose.

How to Turn Performance Reviews Into Culture Wins

Everyone receives criticism. How can Christians reflect Jesus in how they face it?

Couvertures pour une collection de livre de l'auteur français Alexandre Jardin, tentant de représenter son style d'écriture mélangeant innocence enfantine et pensée critique.—A cover system attempting to reflect Alexandre Jardin’s writing style — a deli…

Favorite simple fall outfits

20 Close Reading Passages and Worksheets- Extracts from classic literature and famous folktales- Designed for close reading- Each excerpt stands alone as a close reading text suitable for scrutiny, critique, reflection, and evaluation.- Texts may be used as bell-ringers, as homework or vacationassignments, one-to-one tutoring, no-prep substitute plans, or anyother use- Includes 3 levels of questions: main ideas and detail, language and literary devices, author's purpose, and evaluation and…

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