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Want to be in a adorable relationship with your forever partner? Meet your soulmate and find love with the help for these quotes!

II Encontro Internacional sobre Mindfulness logo - Pesquisa Google

II Encontro Internacional sobre Mindfulness logo - Pesquisa Google

Sometimes You Meet Someone

LUCY - A1069362 - - Manhattan Please Share: TO BE DESTROYED 04/10/16 **AMAZING AVERAGE RATING. ON PUBLIC LIST** Lucy, sweet Lucy, what has happened to you? Lucy was brought into the ACC after her human was evicted and could not take her. Sadly, her human left her in the apartment for 1 week by herself. Even after all the heartbreak and betrayal Lucy still loves people. She is friendly, outgoing, playful, doesn’t even mind storms. Lucy can play rough with other dogs

I guess what I've always wanted was someone who loves me enough to match my effort.

TO BE DESTROYED 02/22/16 A volunteer writes: Oh, Georgia...sweet Georgia...She really is a girl to remember & a day after meeting her I've still got this beautiful flower on my mind. Her pleading eyes & elegant cheekbones, & one very gentle nature, the tiny kisses & soft hugs she loves to share and her puppy-ish eagerness for treats. Everything about Georgia seems designed to delight & she's cast an enchanting spell over my heart after just one date. Snuggles are second nature to her

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16 Life-Changing Quotes From The Internet's Most Mysterious Poet

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