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Day 1: Favorite piece of technology - K9!!!!

#31daysofwholloween Day 31: Favorite Cosplay - the Little War Doctor from #timeeddy2

#31daysofwholloween Day 22: Your OTP - 2 and Jamie #DoctorWho

#31daysofwholloween Day 14: Favorite team TARDIS - 2nd Doctor, Jamie and Zoe #DoctorWho

Day 18: Favorite Companion Outfit - Romana II from Destiny of the Daleks

Day 17: Creepiest Score - The Time of Angels

Day 14: Food That Reminds You of Who - Fish Fingers

Day 23: Favorite Futuristic Story - The Tomb of the Cybermen

Day 31: Scariest Epiaode - Listen

“#31daysofwholloween Day 21: Favorite Non-Cannon Doctor - Unbound Doctor 2 played by David Warner #DoctorWho”